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We want to create connections.

Connections which allow artists to be inspired by each other.

Connections which allow artists to be inspired by their audience.

And connections which allow the audience to be inspired by artists.

Our Projects

Cultural reality series

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We want to tell you a story. A story about a different kind of art encounter. An encounter in which artists are inspired by the audience and the audience

is inspired by artists.

Encounter between artists representing different artistic disciplines1 and a social institution (e.g. old people's homes, hospitals, prisons) and the people living in them.

The resulting development and realisation of a performance/workshop/exhibition of the artists

within the social institution.


A concert that was created through a collaboration with the Swiss Design Market. 5 Composers and 5 Instrumentalists will translate 5 design objects into music. Taking place as an event of the Musikfestival Bern

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SwipeKam is a live streaming & VOD, multiple user-selectable camera, online platform. The platform allows the user to control the video broadcast on their personal devices. Much like in real life, the user can “look” elsewhere by changing between different cameras and zoom in & out on specific elements of the video.

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