ArtConnection - A Culture Series

We want to tell you a story. A story about an artistic encounter. An encounter in which artists are inspired by the audience and the audience is inspired by artists.

What is it all about?

We produce a culture series in 3 parts.

Each of the 3 parts is about the encounter between artists from different art fields and a social institution and the people living there, as well as the resulting development and implementation of a performance / workshop / exhibition by the artists in the social institution. Particular attention is paid to the reactions on the part of the audience and the artists.

Part 1

The first part will take place in the Addiction Clinic "Südhang" in Kirchlindach. Under the direction of Stephan Mathys, patients write texts on the subject of "What are my roots- and what my dreams?" The texts will be musically interpreted by Johanna Schwarzl. At the final performance, the texts will be performed by professional actors in alternation with the musical interpretations.

http://spielraum7.ch (Stephan Mathys)



The Concert will take place on the 20.06.2021 at 17:00

Part 2

The last part is supposed to take place in a correctional facility. A songwriting session will be held with the producer and composer Manuel Halter and prisoners.
The resulting songs are performed by a band in the detention center


More details will be announced soon

Part 3

In this part, Melissa and Fabio da Silva work with handicapped people from Wohnstätten Zwyssig in Zürich.

A musical project that seeks a new way of expression for people with a disability through electronic music.

A project that aims to eliminate communication gaps and fear of contact between different people, so that everyone can feel accepted and equal.

To inspire each other and to offer a possibility of expression with the help of music, these are the goals.

At the final concert there will be a performance where professional musicians play together with disabled people.

More details will be announced soon


You can find more details and information on the planning, as well as on the backgrounds of all three parts, in our project description below.